Thursday, July 2, 2009

If you were the president - meaningful activities

As language teachers engaged in literacy and critical thinking practices, it is often challenging to find speaking activities for young learners which reflect our concerns and at the same time motivate students to use the target language.
Today, I received this inspiring video, which caused me to have a bunch of ideas...
So, I decided to share it!
How could we apply this kind of research to our classes? How could we incorporate this kind of discussion in our programs?
This video is part of Speak Up Program, which promotes research on students', parents' and school community members' opinions on education, in order to "raaise national awareness about the importance of including the viewpoints of students, parents, and teachers in the education dialogue."
In Brazil, there are several studies promoted by the Ministry of Education, available at INEP, which may be a source of ideas for us to widen our perspectives on our educational realities.

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  1. Muito interessante,
    Queria fazer algo semelhante com estudantes (idade e nível semelhante) de escolas brasileiras (públicas e privadas).
    Minha hipótese é a de que as aspirações devem ser mais simples. Algo do tipo: mais segurança, lanche melhor ou computadores.