Friday, April 23, 2010

10 useful sites for teaching kids

Hello everybody! Today I brought you ten sites that are useful for teaching English to Young Learners (at least, I use them a lot! ). There are specific ESL sites for kids, as well as non language-focused sites. I hope you enjoy them! Let me know if they were useful for you, and which section is your favorite, ok? Have a great teaching!


This site has a plethora of resources, ranging from activities to very young learners, available at the CBeebies Section to resources for storytelling or even an online music editor for kids. Here teachers can find loads of useful classroom materials and kids can find lots of fun! J The CBeebies section is totally adapted to very young learners, including spoken menus for kids who cannot read. It’s awesome!


Loads of craft ideas for kids, including online coloring pages, crafty videos and looooooooooots of ideas for teachers. Really worth seeing!

Cesame Street

Our Favorite TV Series Cesame Street is the basis of this very rich, kid-friendly site. Here, there are ideas to stay in and go out, including videos teaching how to play games, activities to print, online games, and a special section in which the kid can personalize his or her section, choosing favorite games, videos and playlists.

Learn English Kids (British Council)

This site offers loads of materials for teachers, including a listening comprehension section for very young learners (oh, so cute!), games for practicing reading and writing , and a lot more!

PBS Kids

Inspired on PBS’s educational programs, this site (also, completely kid-friendly, with spoken menus) offers instructive resources not only for kids (such as games, videos and crafts), but also for parents, including child development and kids’ health articles.

Genki English

Site by Richard Graham, It is “this site is a collection of games, songs and ideas for use by teachers of languages to children. “ and, if you are curious about the word Genki, here comes the definition: “"Genki" is a really cool Japanese word that means "fun", "lively", "energetic", "full of life". There isn't really a word for it in English, but if you try these ideas in your classroom, you'll know what it means!” Make sure to take a look at the Articles section, filled with interesting ideas on games and activities.

MES English

A world of resources for teachers. This is the best way to describe this lively and interesting site! A MUST-SEE! (Really!) From flashcards to worksheet creators, it will spare you hours of research for material and class design!!

Boggles World ESL

Lessons, games, flashcards and theme units for teaching kids! A very resourceful and creative site for teachers of young learners!

Discovery Kids

From games and crafts available to very young learners to a video on how mummies are made, there are resources for learners and teachers from all walks of life! J Great for CBI or CLIL materials development!

Kids Domain

Fantastic site for kids, teachers and parents, with lots of hints, articles and recipes for a range of subjects, from special recipes for cooking with kids to a social network for parents to exchange experiences and ideas. Don’t forget to check the awesome Holidays section, with lots of cultural and practical resources for you and your classes!


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  2. are interesting sites, try to understand English is fun seeing children in activities. Silvia Elayne